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Bere Regis Villagers Wills Archive  1512 - 1853

Bere Regis Villagers Wills 1800 - 1853

In the largest project in this Websites history, we have put all the available scanned copies of the 494 Villagers Wills from 1559 - 1853 into Galleries within our History Section.

There are 9 Wills to look at during this period

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1800    John Little   Yeoman    Will


1800  James Torevil  Labourer   Will


1802    Silas Stockley    LabourerWill


1802     Rebecca Barnes  Widow   Note, note of administration, Will, wrapper


1803    William Compton Yeoman Will


1804    James Torevil    Labourer    Will

1809 Edward Casher Innholder Will, Wrapper

1809 John Mate Yeoman Will, Wrapper

1809 John Bascombe Yeoman Will, Wrapper

1809 John Alner Blacksmith Administration Bond, Will

1809 David Compton Carpenter Will, Wrapper

1810 Ann Williams Spinste rRequisition, Will, Wrapper

1810 Elizabeth Compton Widow Administration Bond, Will, Wrapper

1812 Thomas Best Administration Bond, Wrapper

1812 Robert Ekins Lillington Yeoman Requisition, Will, Wrapper

1812 Mary Ga yWidow Administration Bond, Commission, Wrapper

1813 Richard Satchell Will, Wrapper

1815 William Bellows Draper Will, Wrapper

1816 Henry Bartlett Will, Wrapper

1816 Samuel Holland MillerCommission, Will, Wrapper

1817 Mary Casher WidowWill, Wrapper

1820 Nathaniel Benjafield Mate Will, Wrapper

1821 William Winsor Bachelor Administration Bond, Will, Wrapper

1822 George White Farmer Will, Wrapper

1822 Robert Sheppard Inventory, Will

1823 George Lucas Shopkeeper Will, Wrapper

1825 John Gould Will, Wrapper

1825 William Vincent Will, Wrapper

1826 Ann Compton Widow Administration Bond, Commission, Will, Wrapper

1826 Thomas Dowland Shopkeeper Inventory, Will

1827 John Purchase Administration Bond, Commission, Wrapper

1827 Robert Spear Administration Bond, Wrapper

1827 Samuel Brown Will, Wrapper

1828 Mary Mate Widow Will, Wrapper

1828 Thomas Langdown Will, Wrapper

1829 Richard Tizzard Oath, Will, Wrapper

1830 Giles Homer Notes, Oath, Will, Wrapper

1830 John Gould Oath, Will, Wrapper

1830 James Ash Will, Wrapper

1831 George Jones Administration Bond, Oath, Renunciation, Will, Wrapper

1831 Robert Guy Administration Bond, Oath, Will, Wrapper

1832 Job Bridle Administration Bond, Commission, Wrapper

1836 Josiah Rabbetts Administration Bond, Wrapper

1839 Sylvester or Silvester Fudge ButcherWill, Wrapper

1840 George Purchase Yeoman Administration Bond, Wrapper

1841 William Besent Senior   Yeoman Affidavit, Commission, Will, Wrapper

1842 John Shave    Administration Bond, Oath, Will, Wrapper

1843 Elizabeth Singleton Spinster Commission, Will, Wrapper

1844 Charles Bascombe Widower Desposition, Oath, Will, Wrapper

1846 Thomas Marsh Yeoman Account, Commission, Note, Will, Wrapper

1846 James Hunt Hawke   Administration Bond, Commission, Deposition, Will,

1847 Ann Dowden Spinster Will, Wrapper

1847 Sarah Dowden Widow Note, Will, Wrapper

1847 Caroline Dowden Spinster Administration Bond, Wrapper

1847 Henry Ears Widower Administration Bond, Commission, Wrapper

1847 Maria Shave Widow Commission, Deposition, Note, Will, Wrapper

1850 Caleb Alner Bachelor Commission, two Depositions, Will, Wrapper

1852 James Young Yeoman Commission, Will, Wrapper

1853 James Windsor Yeoman Affidavit, Commission, Deposition, Will, Wrapper)

1853 William Biles Blacksmith  Affidavit, Commission, Deposition, Will, Wrapper)