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Bere Regis Village 2013 Scarecrow Competition

2013 Competition

By Sue Stone

Well another year over! This year Scarecrow entries were down probably because of the vandalism last year.
I know some of last year’s competitors were definitely put off from doing it again.
We had fifteen exhibits and the standard was high.
I am constantly surprised with the imagination and ideas that entrants come up with.


‘Bert’ Turberville Court

‘Work Rest and Play’ Griffins Gardens

‘Burglar Bill’ Old Post Office North Street
‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ 38 West Street
‘Brock Lover’ 2 The Manor House Southbrook
Junior Scarecrows (made with children)

‘Freddie Fisherman – Happiness is a rod in your hand’
11 Shitterton

‘Bizzy Lizzy’ The Old Bakery West Street

‘Suzie Swinger relaxing in the sunshine’ 11 Shitterton
‘Typical Days work’ 17 Manor Farm Road
‘Mr. Mars’ 1 Southmead

Over the three years we have carried out this competition this village has produced over 90 scarecrows.
You can see them all in these pages.

I hope people enjoyed looking at them and those that entered had fun planning and doing them.
I know that parents and grandparents forge bonds working out how to do them and making them with children.
I hope this leaves lasting memories of good times for them.
The hairdressers had fun with theirs even if weather and gravity had taken its toll before judging took place.
Other neighbour groups develop friendships making their community crows.
I’m sure the Turberville Court crowd will enjoy drinking their winning bottle of sherry.
I had a bit of a struggle with mine looking up details of Brian May’s red guitar and trying to make something that resembled a guitar and a red one at that.
His hair was also a problem. Mother and I had an artistic disagreement about that.
What pleased me that after all these struggles I finally put his picture up on the Facebook site and within 3 hours had loads of positive comments.
It’s the reaction one gets that makes it worthwhile.
I’m told Brian May enjoyed the pictures.

My farming and hunting friends were unhappy about my choice of subject and felt it was controversial.
I was told my badger was going to follow the Blandford Roundabout Hall and Woodhouse badgers and was to be strung up!
I made sure he was indoors every night.
Thank you all for taking part!