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Bere Regis Village 2012 Scarecrow Competition

2012 Competition

By Sue Stone

The scarecrows were a triumph again.
Thank you so much to all our competitors who enthusiastically entered into the spirit with such imaginative witty creations.
A pity several were destroyed by vandals the night before the show.
The judges comments are listed below.
Our thanks go to Bob and Diana Holman who bravely took on this task this year.
A big thank you to Tony Bates who once again made a special photographic display at the show set to music.

Judges Comments

All the Scarecrows were fantastic and gave us a great deal of pleasure to see them. It was really difficult to select the winners, but we took into consideration the attention to detail with the modelling of faces, hand etc facial expressions, body shape and posture, skill of staging, originality of ideas and that important touch of humour that many of them incorporated.

The Winners were:


In First Place

Olga the Cartwheel (Bishop Family with 36 points

In second Place

Mayor on Mare (Annie Nicholson with 35 points

Tie for third place

Sue’s swimmers (Susan Hawkins) Ivor Grip (Susan Stone) Weightlifter (Mary Chamberlain and Ron Margetts) and Bert (Kath Jeeves and the residents of Turberville Court) All scored 32 points out of 40


In First place
Synchronised swimming and Diver (Kallum Taylor) with 33 points

In joint second place

Team GB Goalkeeper Jason Steele (Edward French) and Paralympian (Toby George) with 32 Points

Third place was a four way tie between

Spencer the Fencer (Aimee and Esme
Rowe) Wrestler (Owen Dytham) Usain Bolt
(Becky and Ed Kent) and Gymnast Daisy
Megan Manning who each scored 31 points