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SMALL ADS                           November 2022
 November 2022
       coped with the long hot, dry summer.  At Bere Regis we shared the harvest loaf
    KDL Plumbing   Sharon Dobson   after the service, thanks to John and Pat House for arranging this.
 Village Hall   Experience Harvest – 5/6  October
    and Heating   Handmade
 Available for Hire for private      Bere  Regis  Primary  School  came  and  experienced  harvest  in  a  different  way,
 parties or regular meetings.   Immersion Heaters, Taps   Find out how I can help you
 Please note that the main Hall is   transform the look of your   going on a journey of discovery around the church visiting different stations.  The
 on an upper level, we do   Showers, Toilets, Tanks,    harvest of the Oceans, Gardens, Grain, Wool and Earth were presented by local
 however  have a chair lift.   home.   people, sharing their gifts and talents such as spinning wool and growing fruit and
 There is a smaller room also   Radiators and more.   Bespoke handmade curtains   veg.
 available for meetings    and alterations, Roman
 The Hall hire cost is £8 per hour for   Call Kevin    blinds, soft furnishings and   The  children  discovered  more  about  the  natural  world  which  provides  rich
 both rooms         0747-512-8249    upholstery projects
 For hire and booking enquiries      harvests  for everyone to enjoy.   They  also  reflected on our  growth  as  a human
 please email      (01929) - 448548   07960 459834   community  thinking  about  what  the  Bible  calls  the  ‘Fruit  of  the  Spirit.’    These   qualities, such as patience, generosity, joy and faithfulness show us that human
 01929 472023         All areas served   flourishing is made possible through our co-operation with God. The children went
       back  to  school  ‘buzzing’  (Headteacher,  Rachael  Brown’s  word)  along  with
       origami boats and handmade clay pots.   A very big thank you to the fabulous
 Toes and Fingers   Purbeck   Problems?   team  that  gave  up  their  time  to  share  with  the  children  –  on  Wednesday  this
       meant working with 15 groups and then 5 on Thursday – no mean feat!
 Toe and finger nail   Plumbing
 cutting service in your      Email & internet support   The colour centre pages this month show some photos from this event.  Sadly no
       photos of the children’s work.
 own home   Boiler services,   Wireless networking setup
 PC and Laptop repairs
 repairs and
 Toe nail cutting £15   installation.  Drains and   Virus and malware removal   The Experience Harvest team – Gay, Liz F, Pat, Wendy, Alison, Liz W, Susan, Jackie,
       Allan, Andrea, Sarah and Nancy.  Thank you all very much, Rev Sandra
 Finger nail cutting £12   waste pipes unblocked.     No call-out charge
    Over 20 years’ experience
 Both treatments £18   Call Steve Iles on   Call Alan on :
       Things coming up…
 Call Kay on    01929 550858   01929 480529
 01202 280492 or    07831 312740   07710 835905   Thursday Tea and Toast – St John the Baptist Church, 8am-10am, WEEKLY
 07968 290333   A  drop  in  Café  runs  for  a  couple  of  hours  on  a  Thursday  morning  in  church.
       Designed as a place to drop in on the way to or from dropping off at school, or
       perhaps on your way to or from the shop for the morning paper and milk, a place
       to have a chat over tea  (other drinks are available) and scrumptious toast.   All
 Interested in   A ‘Small Ad’ like these is only £70 a   ages are welcome, there are toddler age toys available.  A big thank you to all
 playing or   our volunteers.
 learning croquet?   year and is a great way for advertisers
 to ensure that their contact   For  more  information,  please  contact  Pat  Wharf  –
 Briantspuddle   01929 472246.
 information is always to hand for
     Phone:    Junior Church/Family Service
 potential customers.
 01929 472204   There will be no Junior Church and Family Service in November, please join in with
 07980 258932   The most cost effective form of local   the Remembrance Service.
 No fees involved.   advertising.   Remembrance Sunday
       The usual acts of Remembrance will happen in Bere Regis, Affpuddle and Bladen
       Valley, please see the service rota for details.

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