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May 2019
 CHURCH AND VILLAGE                    May 2019


 Association  Contact  Tel   Address   E-mail   Meetings/Info   BERE REGIS BELLRINGERS

       Like  bell-ringers  all  over  the  country,  we  have  been  busy
 Ancient Order of   Andrew Jones      19 Louise Road,   andrew@jones  Monthly Turberville Court
 Foresters Court   Dorchester, DT1 2LT  1st Monday  -  7.30 pm   ringing  on  many  occasions  over  the  Easter  period.  It  is
 Prospect 6575   uk   good to be able to carry on the service that generations
       before us have done for over 400 years!  At  times though,
 Autumn Leaves   Sylvia Bayliss   472697      sbayliss194@ou  Monthly  - Scout Hut   2nd Wednesday @ 2.30 pm   we have struggled to have 6 ringers available, as Easter is a
       time  when  our  ringers  are  often  away  with  their  own
 Bere Regis Bell Ringers   Adrian   471774         Normal practice night  -    families.
 Standfield      Wednesdays 6.30 p.m. to
 Jenny Clifford   7.30 p.m.
       This has once again brought home how vital it is to keep recruiting new members
       to the band and to train them up to be fully competent ringers. Please, if you
 Bere Regis Book Group   Janet Gilpin   01929         First Tuesday of the month   have even the slightest idea that you might join in, give Adrian a call on 471 774.
 471829   at 2.30 p.m.. Various
 locations   We can give you a 1 to 1 taster session to see if you might enjoy it and to get
       over any fears you may have about whether you will be able.
 Bere Regis Primary   Wayne Roberts   471334   Southbrook   office@berereg  Pre-school and Primary
 School and Pre-School   -  Headteacher   Bere Regis   School for pupils aged 2+   The dreadful fire in Notre-Dame
 BH20 7DB   to 11 years
                                                  Cathedral  raised  everyone’s
 Bere Regis Floral Group  Sue Stone   472083   97 North Street, Bere   susan97stone@  2nd Tuesday at   awareness  of  the  part  their
       Regis, BH20 7LD   Winterborne Kingston
       village hall                               great  cathedral  bells  have
                                                  played  for  hundreds  of  years,
                                                  both  in  real  life  and  in  the
 Bere Regis Gardening    Sue Stone   472083   97 North Street, Bere   susan97stone@  Monthly.  Drax Hall
 Club   Regis, BH20 7LD   1st Tuesday.  7.30 p.m.   imagination  of  the  novelist
                                                  Victor Hugo. The French nation
 Bere Regis Strollers   Lynda Crisford   471180   11 Bitchams Mead   Michael.crisfor  Every Tuesday 10.30 a.m.
 BH20 7ND   d@btinternet.c  Bere Regis Car Park   held  its  breath  as  the  fire
 om                                               rushed closer to those two bell
                                                  towers that  meant so  much to
 Bere Regis Junior   Pat Wharf   472246   The Old Vicarage,   peterwharf@bti  Second Sunday of every
 Church   West Street   month in Church 10.000-  the  secular  state  as  well  as  to
 11.00 a.m.
                                                  the  religious  community.  It
 Bere Regis Parish   Ian Ventham   471480   Wateredge, 5A      Monthly, Drax Hall   brought  home  to  us  the
 Council   Chairman   Shitterton,    2nd Thursday   importance   in   our   own
 BH20 7HU
                                                  community  of  our  own  bells.
 Bere Regis Sports Club   Andy Kent   471079   94 North Street   andy@contact.  Village football and cricket   And it made us think once again of our need to find successors to keep them
 Cricket   Herbie Swann   472812   teams for all ages
 Football         ringing in the future.
 Bere Regis Swimming   Bob Holman   01305   Camelot, Affpuddle   bobdiholman@  5.15 p.m.—7.00 p.m. at the   Our regular practice night is on Wednesday from 6.30 to 7.30. There is no better
 club   848262   DT2 7HH   Purbeck Leisure Centre,   time to come along and see what is involved. You will be made very welcome.
       Please note that there will be visiting ringers on Saturday 4  May from 9.45 am for
 Bere Regis Wildlife   Tony Bates   471563   The Beeches,   tonybates19@g  Meetings arranged as and
 Group         Barrow Hill   when   about an hour.
 Mike Gee   07759   mike.n.g@outlo
    884942                                                        Jon
 Bere Regis Scout   Liz Teather   01929   lizteather@hot  Wednesdays 6  -  7  pm
 Group (Beavers)   471216   5¾ - 8 years
         Scout Hut, Elder Road
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