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Have you got your tickets for "A spoonful of Sugar" by the Pop In Performers yet? It really is a great show, in fact I'd go as far as to say its practically perfect in every way! Please support them and make all the hard work worth it. Shows available are Thursday 18th June at 6pm and Saturday 20th June at 2pm. Get your Tickets for £5, in aid of the Kingfisher Children's Ward at Dorset County Hospital, by calling Gill Hart on 472 494.


VE Anniversary Beacons

Click the Image above to see Photographs from the Village Beacon lighting ceremony, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day, on 8th May 2015


Many congratualtions to our new MP, Michael Tomlinson. You can see the General Election Results for our Constituency by clicking the photograph above...



Up to 30 young people from our village benefit from being a member of ‘Banter’, socialising and having fun on Friday evenings.

Two years ago Banter was created to provide a venue and an opportunity for some of our youngsters to get together in a relaxed atmosphere. With 35 members on the books it has proved popular and is clearly meeting a need amongst our 11 to 18 year olds. Its success is entirely down to the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment of the adult team behind it. Sadly, with a number of people having to give it up, that team is at crisis point, and unless more helpers are recruited in the next few weeks, Banter will be forced to close permanently.

Members, please note that it is already closing for the next 2 or 3 weeks because the adult rota cannot be filled. To enable a 1 in 6 week rota, Banter needs to share out the supervision to a team of about 20 adults. 7 or 8 of the present team are very happy to continue if more adults volunteer to share the work. New committee members will need to be appointed, too, to bring fresh thinking and enthusiasm.

Thirty or more of our young people really need Banter to continue.

This is the challenge; are there 10 or 12 adults out there who will sign up to a one in six week rota, and perhaps give a little more time as a committee member too? The deadline is Sunday 10th May when the Banter Committee will meet to make a final decision to close or to continue.


To volunteer, or for more information, contact Hannah Mills on email here, or on 07865083896, or Kate Morris, 13 Stanbarrow Close BH20 7BE, 01929472787 or 07881823139, or email her here


Purbeck District Council is consulting on Issues and Options for the Partial Review of the Purbeck Local Plan. They will be looking for potential locations for new homes, new shopping space and employment across Purbeck. This is an improtant consultation for Purbeck and they are trying to get this message to as many people as possible. Please see more details, by clicking the Photograph above. Many thanks.

Diane Bemand, Senior Neighbourhood Planner


Requesting material for a new book "Bere Regis a step back in Time", to be sold in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society

I am in the early phases of sourcing material for a book I plan to publish “Bere Regis a step back in Time". The content will be of the Bere Regis of yesteryear, the villagers memories of a time gone by captured in their own words and featuring the amazing collection of old photographs and unseen images that we would like to share.
The only chance I have of making this a success is to appeal to the villagers to come forward with their stories and photographs, anything you feel would be of interest to others to go in this publication.

For Example if you worked at Bem’s the bakers or cut or bunched the watercress, have memories of the Dances at the Drax Hall. The old Church harvest suppers and Church fetes. If you can remember Johnny fortnight ( Mr. Wellstead ) who used to come door to door selling towels and dusters etc. Do you remember when there was nearly more fuel stations in the village than cars? Arthur Janes on the street corner? When the Bere Regis Football team during the 1950’s won the Bankes Charity Shield. Do you recall the whirlwind that devastated some of West Street.

I am interested in absolutely any memory that you have of the village in years gone by. You can contact me on 01929 472023 or email me here, call in at the Pop In Place on Friday Morning or send me your memories and photos to 3 Rye Hill Close Bere Regis.

Please do come forward and in doing so you will have a dual positive effect to preserve a local memory and image in print for prosperity , secondly to help to raise funds for a devastating disease that without much more funding and research will without doubt be the final experience of so many people.

Alison Bennett


As part of the community Bere 14-18 Commemorations, a small team is researching the lives of the men of our three local parishes (Bere Regis, Winterborne Kingston & Affpuddle/Turnerspuddle) who served in the forces in the Great War. Their names are listed if you click the Picture above. If you think you are a descendent of any of the men listed and may have some family or service history or mementoes (Photos, medals, service papers, cuttings, etc ) about them, could you kindly contact Philip Ventham on 01929 471 215 or email here.

We would be very pleased to speak with you. Any information, however insignificant, is of interest as very often, family recollections can fill gaps in the official records. All contributions will be acknowledged and mementoes recorded and returned.


There are many things that people in the Village can do to help the environment. Click the Photograph above for some ideas. There are also some general everyday living tips that may help make your life a little bit more simple and successful...


We would love to hear your views on the Village Website. We have created a 2 minute online survey that we would really appreciate if you could complete. Click the image above to see it...


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